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Defending People’s Freedom and Lives. I take pride in being a persuasive criminal trial attorney with almost 20 years of courtroom experience. I have an excellent track record in courts throughout Western Washington, having obtained dismissals, acquittals, and not guilty verdicts by successfully representing serious allegations in a wide variety of criminal cases. The results demonstrate my courtroom skills and the commitment to my clients as lawyer. At the Law Office of Timothy L. Healy:

  • I understand how important your case is to you, and will give it my complete attention.
  • I am aggressive, thorough, and innovative in the defense of my clients.
  • I will speak to you plainly, avoiding complex legal terms.
  • I will provide a high level of criminal defense service and will answer your questions.

No Stone Left Unturned in Your Criminal Defense Case

I meticulously represent and aggressively defend my clients. Repeatedly, in my cases and others, I have experienced the difference that a skilled criminal lawyer can make. While expertise in front of a jury is important, working as an advocate in the courtroom is only part of the picture. A great deal in any criminal case goes on behind the scenes, from investigating the claims to consulting with experts, representing the accused in pretrial proceedings to handling any appeal. A veteran criminal attorney can make a real difference at each point in the proceedings.

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Special Emphasis Defending Against Allegations of Sexual Impropriety and Domestic Violence

As a criminal defense attorney, my law practice has developed a winning reputation in defending our clients against sex-related crimes and domestic violence allegations, and has substantial experience in all domestic-related criminal matters.

As a former U.S. Marine, I have handled many military criminal matters, juvenile crimes, and criminal assaults.

Facing criminal charges is a tremendous hardship.

You may feel like you’re caught in a vice grip, and your life will never be the same again. The burden can be overwhelming. In many cases, not only is your personal freedom at stake, but substantial amounts of money, your close relationships, your livelihood, and your reputation. You may feel as though all you have worked to achieve and your life has been taken from you overnight.

As an experienced Bellevue criminal lawyer serving Western Washington, I understand these pressures. I am here to help. I have successfully represented many clients in the same circumstances you now face. As a criminal defense attorney, I have guided all of my clients through the complexities of the justice system, advised them of their options, and aggressively represented them in all phases of legal proceedings. Representing the accused is all that I do, and I know how important your case is.

An expert criminal lawyer can quickly and accurately assess a case and identify the key points on which it will turn. Time is often of the essence in criminal cases. Consultation with a defense law firm before arrest or immediately afterwards can make a huge difference in the outcome of the case. When your freedom is at stake, it is no time to hold back. If you believe you are so much as suspected of a crime, you should consult with the top Bellevue criminal lawyer Timothy L. Healy right away, and help to get your life back.

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